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8 ("A.I.T.") is an astrology program written especially for the Macintosh. In addition to features not available in any other astrology program it offers the astrologer a higher degree of interactivity.

If you already own Io Edition, the leading Macintosh astrology program from Time Cycles Research, then keep your typing fingers where they are, because 8 can import your existing chart files!



The Date & Time window is where you edit and view "Now," 8's name for the adjustable time for each chart.

The Object Filter tool gives you control over which planets and points appear on the chart. There's so much control that each wheel of a triple-wheel chart can display different objects!

Using the Aspect Filter, you control the visibility of aspects by clicking on a checkbox. You can customize the menu with your favorite sets of aspects.

The influence wheel depicts those areas of the chart most sensitive to soft and hard aspects. For every few minutes of the zodiac, 8 calculates every aspect it makes to the points in your chart, applies a weighting, and displays zones of harmony and discord.

The hub of the chart wheel can display the more traditional aspect lines as well.

The influence graph is another first, graphing over time how the current transits impact the points in your personal horoscope for the day, the month, and even the entire year. Where the influence wheel shows the sensitivity of areas, the Influence Graph shows how current astrological conditions affect your horoscope.

If you're an owner of the Io Atlas, not only can 8 use the data files to fill in locations for new charts, it can also act as your Atlas Browser. As you type, every keystroke narrows down the list of matching cities.

Here are a few more things 8 can do

  • Composite charts of two or more individuals
  • Multiple house systems
  • Calculation of dozens of Arabic parts
  • Chart signature and sub-signature
  • Planetary dignities
  • Dispositor chains by both sign and house
  • and more!

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This page was last modified on November 04, 2003