Astrology Investigation Tool
Frequently Asked Questions

This page was last modified on Tuesday, November 04, 2003

What is AIT?
a highly interactive astrology program for the Macintosh.
What is the purpose of striped bar on the left side of the When & Where window?
Think of it as a handle that allows the contents of the window (whatever date, time and location is currently displayed) to be dragged to a charts file.
How can two charts files be merged?
Open both files. Select all the charts in the first file, and drag them to the second file.
Do I need to create separate composite charts if I want to see what the chart looks like?
No. Open a Composite Wheel for the chart you're interested in. Now you can drag different charts to the Composite Wheel window, and each time you drop a new chart on the window, AIT will calculate the composite and display it. If you want to see what a composite would look like using a different person, just drag a different chart to the window. Drag & Drop works for all chart windows.
Will AIT interpret my chart for me?
Are AIT files compatible with Time Cycles Research Io Edition?
No. AIT can open Io files, but AIT does not save charts in Io Edition format. This is in part because I can't be sure of compatibility with future Io Edition chart file formats.
The Astrologer's Detail refers to the Hamaker-Zondag method of calculating dispositor chains. What's a " Hamaker-Zondag?"
"Hamaker-Zondag" is the surname of Drs. Karen Hamaker-Zondag, the author of many books on the topics of psychological astrology and chart interpretation. For the purposes of calculating Dispositor Chains, Drs. Hamaker-Zondag suggests in her book "The House Connection" that when a dispositing planet is within approximately 2 degrees of the cusp of the next house, it should be considered to be in the next house. AIT's Astrologer's Detail report calculates chains both ways. Frequently there is no difference, but if a planet is close to the cusp of the next house, the chain will differ.

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